Best Locations For Security Cameras

With residential crime rate rising (a staggering 20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point), more and more people are choosing to prioritise their families safety by installing home security systems in their house.

Due to the ever-growing advancement of modern technology, there are more home security camera options than ever, and leaving your home for any period of time is no longer a worry. Nowadays you can go just around the corner for a quick trip to the shops, or on vacation far away, and have live images and footage from your home using your smartphone or any device connected to the Internet. There are amazing surveillance solutions widely available to the average Australian, allowing you to keep both your family and property safe.

But… there’s a ‘but’.

These incredible security systems are only best effective when they are placed in the right location either in or outside of your house. Being in the right place and being able to capture footage when need be (in the case of a burglary), is when you receive optimum results with your security systems, and when you get your best value for money. Are you sure you know where to place your home security cameras for the best results?

In the below article we’ll give you tips for the best locations to place your home security cameras.

Front entrance

The front entrance is the most common entrance and exit point for burglars. Around one third of trespassers choose it when looking to break into a home, so you absolutely want to have a security camera installed there.

Once it’s placed it can monitor activity around front door and it even allows you to monitor the area when you are inside of the house (if someone knocks and you want to know who it is without physically getting up or getting too close to a potential intruder).

There’s one risk you need to acknowledge when it comes to your front door security camera – burglars may tamper with your camera, thus rending it useless. The solution is to place the camera at second-floor level or any other location, bearing in mind you want the camera to point directly and have a primary view of the front door. Enclosing it in mesh wiring is yet another way to protect it from rocks and other weapons that potential intruders can use to tamper with it.

Front gates

The sooner you notice a burglar, the better. With front gates cameras you can be aware of who is approaching your home before they get on the land.

Moreover, front gates cameras are more likely to scare off potential burglars if they see surveillance equipment at the start of a house/gate.

Back entrance

Around 20% of home burglars use the back door for breaking into a property, and this area is also a common point for burglars to exit from. Each entry door should be provided with a camera, and the back door is no exception. Again, remember to install your camera where it cannot be damaged by an intruder, by placing it at the second floor level or using mesh wire for protection.

We also recommend you to pay the same attention to the security of your back entrance as for the front – installing secure and resilient back doors, adding security bars to windows, choosing a high-quality deadbolt lock, providing lighting at the back door, and relying on man’s best friend, on condition the dog has sharp teeth and is not friendly to strangers.


The backyard attracts burglars because many people tend to store expensive items in that particular location, such as bikes, grills, and garden machinery. Here are some tips for repelling criminals from your backyard:

  • Choose a home security camera with night vision; this feature is essential as most burglaries happen at night
  • Install motion-sensing lights as they scare potential burglars; they panic and usually abandon the burglary
  • Focus your home security camera on your overall backyard including the perimeter of the fence, as burglars jump over the fence to enter or exit properties as well
  • Place a camera in plain sight, as this can be enough to make the burglar abandon the idea of breaking into your home.

Side of house

The rears of the house are a good path for burglars to get to your goods; breaking a rear window is safer for criminals as they avoid being in the direct view of the street and the chances of being caught are reduced.

You should cover all blind spots within the circumference of house; if you don’t take care of these blind spots, you will be allowing potential burglars to either enter, exit, and travel around your home without getting seen.

Basement stairs

These stairs often lead to a small window or door that intruders can use to get inside your home. A motion sensor security camera with night vision included is vital and a high recommendation for securing your basement.

After choosing location

After acknowledging the places you need to put your home security cameras, the next step is choosing a security system. Keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The reason you are getting the security system – this will help you determine the best option for you
  • There are different features and different uses; find the best one to suit your purpose
  • No matter where you place a surveillance camera, there is a security camera installation 101 that you need to follow:
    • Create a map including the locations of your cameras before buying the equipment
    • Make sure you have the right tools for installing your cameras
    • Remember to test your equipment before installing – in case it doesn’t work properly, you can return it immediately
    • Mount cameras high enough to protect them from assault with sticks or rocks – at least 10 feet above the ground is highly recommended

Here is a list of the top 3 home security cameras preferred by Australian home owners:

  1. Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Available worldwide and with excellent customer reviews, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 comes in multiple versions, from 2-camera system to 6-camera system and the possibility to purchase add-on cameras. The item is compatible with Alexa, which means you can add voice control by combing with a screen Alexa device.

The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is 100% wireless and free of power cords and wires. The camera system has night vision, allowing you to see clearly in the dark. The night vision turns on automatically in low light. The system is powered by rechargeable battery, and provides 7 days of recurring free cloud recordings.

Price: $608.69 for the 2-camera system

  1. YI Home Camera

Lightweight and affordable, the YI Home Camera records in 720p HD to capture sharp images of any suspicious event around your property. Features of this successful product include wide-angle lens, 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor, 4x digital zoom, remote control with iOS or Android app, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, recording on a micro SD card with the possibility to access video history at any time, and activity alerts when motion is detected or scheduled snapshots.

Price: $287.09

  1. Nest Cam Outdoor

One of the biggest advantages of this gadget is that you can fix it on a magnetic surface, without drilling in to your walls. The installation can be performed by anybody; you just need to mount the camera and you’re done. In spite of its easy installation, the Nest Cam Outdoor offers solid benefits to home owners choosing it to ensure the security of their properties, such as 24/7 live video, 130-degree wide-angle view and all-glass lens, alerts and snapshots, weatherproof camera, built-in speaker and microphone letting you talk and listen through the app (you can communicate with the person being recorded on camera), and excellent video quality that has allowed many users to catch intruders and see them arrested. The Nest Cam Outdoor plugs into power, so it’s a good choice if you don’t want to worry about dead batteries.

Price: $293.05

Home security camera options are countless, and there is also the challenge of making sure you have installed cameras on the right spots. If you find it hard to configure a security system for your property or you simply want to have the job done by professionals, you can enquire with Security Systems today. You will be provided with the best security solutions available on the market, while making sure any vulnerable spot on your property is covered and secured. Remember, your family and property’s safety is a number 1 priority.